21 Superstitions From Different Parts of the World

To avoid awkward situations and to avoid offending anyone with your behaviour, learn about the country’s culture and beliefs before you go to another country.

Miro Konkel
4 min readSep 8, 2023


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Probably every country has its own superstitions that supposedly can influence your fate. OK, you don’t have to believe in them, but they are worth knowing and respecting. They are an expression of your culture and openness to other people you will meet during your holiday travels.

Brazil: don’t put your purse or wallet on the floor, as this heralds poverty and financial loss.

China: don’t whistle in the house, as you will invite a ghost. Opening an umbrella in the flat will have the same effect.

Denmark: if you are having an important or secret conversation, don’t let your cat into the room — purrs love to gossip.

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Egypt: leaving scissors open or playing with them heralds arguments in the immediate area.

France: under no circumstances should you place a baguette or a loaf of bread upside down, as this…



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